Why is it important for
us to be relatable and
good communicators?

Because what we do is truly a team effort. We work with architects, contractors, owners and many others every day to turn concepts and ideas into stunning finished projects.

So, we focus on the people side of our business. Sure, we’re great with analysis, designs and plans. But we’re equally good at working with people, for people and hopefully doing work that enhances and enriches people’s lives.

Michael A. Kingsmore, P.E.

Michael A. Kingsmore, P.E.

Partner / President
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Scott J. Dollar. P.E.

Scott J. Dollar, P.E.

Partner / Vice President
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We’re hands on.

When you work with MAK, you get us. The principals. And your job gets our full attention. We don’t hand it off to junior staffers. We do it ourselves. From start to finish.

We’re responsive.

When you call, we answer. Whether we’re in our car, on a job site or in the office. And nine times out of ten, we can answer your question immediately. That’s how plugged into each job we are.

We’re flexible.

We can work with architects or without. We can work with a wide range of materials, locations, conditions and budgets. We can work with companies, municipalities, individuals and whoever else. Because, well, we’re engineers and we specialize in finding solutions for all kinds of problems.

We’re relatable.

It’s kind of a different word, but we like it. To us it means you can talk to us, ask us questions, offer suggestions or just have a normal conversation. Because, again, we’re just people. People working with people to solve problems and do really great work.