Working well with others means keeping our client’s needs in mind.

And that means finding ways to make their jobs easier. For an architect, this means taking their beautiful design and turning it into something buildable. For the contractor, it means making it easy to build. Our mission — and our passion — on every project is to make complex design simple.

We don’t do the imagining. We don’t do the building. We’re the ones who come up with easy, simple solutions to turn great ideas into easily-accomplished reality. And we get to enjoy the people and the challenge along the way.

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Structural Design Consulting

At MAK engineering, structural design is our forte, and we take great pride in it. To us, structural design is the perfect blend of scientific thought and artistic vision requiring a broad range of talent and expertise. Which, all modesty aside, we happen to have plenty of.

On top of that, we have experience across all phases of engineering and essentially all kinds of project types. From multi-story to low rise, from new construction to renovation, from fast track to design-build, from high profile to low key, we can do it all. And do it well.

Commercial | Industrial / Infrastructure | Residential
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Specialty Engineering

At MAK engineering, we provide specialty design services for structural steel connections, steel stairs and cold-formed metal framing. Because we know the devil is always in the details, we customize each design to the subcontractors’ fabrication preferences.

We can honestly say we’re masters at our craft when it comes to specialty engineering. But, even so, we’re always looking for new, innovative ways to tailor our services to meet our clients’ ever-evolving needs and demands.

Structural Steel Connections | Steel Stairs | Cold-Formed Steel Framing
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Structural Assessments

Whether the issue is fire damage, storm damage or age and deterioration, MAK engineering offers complete structural assessment services to provide you with clarity and assurance.

Our senior staff are certified by the State of California Emergency Management Agency as disaster service workers, and we take this role seriously. We understand how much our clients are relying on us during challenging and stressful times. And we promise to deliver. Every single time.

Fire / Storm Damage | Partial Collapse | Due Diligence